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Got baby weight? Or just like to boogie with your baby? Sling and Dance is a unique new class that gives moms a chance to bond with their little ones, get back in shape, and learn some slick new moves with the help of a professional dancer, choreographer and instructor. Classes are for moms/caregivers and their babies. Babies welcome with a sling or any type of carrier. The class is 45 minutes. No dance experience necessary. Classes are designed to be fun, both for caregivers and babies. Only supplies needed are a sling or any type of carrier. (There are slings that can be used for babies up to 40 pounds--what a great workout!) Also, please feed your baby half an hour before class. We look forward to dancing with you and your little one!

"It's only natural that dancing calms babies. Their whole uterine existence was a moving experience. Babies crave movement after birth because to them it is the norm. Being still disconcerts babies. They don't understand it and it frightens them. Movement relaxes them."

Dr. William Sears, MD, American pediatrician, author of more than 30 parenting books, and has appeared as a pediatric expert on OPRAH, GOOD MORNING AMERICA, and THE TODAY SHOW.